• Is the field in bloom? 🌸

    Our field is usually in bloom from late July to early August depending on the year !

  • Do I need to make a reservation? 📅

    Reservations are only required for groups of 10+, commercial photographers, media, and other commercial visitors. Families/individual guests do not need to make a reservation with us.

  • Can I take photos? 📷

    Of course! We encourage you all to Bien sûr ! Nous vous encourageons tous à partager vos photos sur Instagram et à taguer @azulee.ca ! Pour toute demande de photographie commerciale, veuillez nous contacter avant votre visite.

  • Can I buy a lavender plant? 🌱

    We sell lavender plants at our in-store boutique! For large orders, we recommend pre-ordering a season ahead to guarantee your order.

  • Is your property wheelchair accessible? 💡

    Unfortunately, our property is not fully wheelchair accessible at this time, but we are working on it! Please call ahead for more information.

  • Can I book the field for a wedding?

    Unfortunately we are not booking wedding events at this time.

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